“Bring your true colours and let them shine with us!”

A new call has been launched to weight more on the real political objectives of the Belgian Pride. With the pride taking place one week before the elections, there’s a big chance that the pride will be very colourfull, especially the colours of political propaganda machines might be overwhelming. For the first time after years of consensus, there’s a call launched to make the claim more political and more audible. A facebook page has been launched and an open letter prepared:

“Want to bring a new dynamic to “The Pride” and make it more inclusive? Join our parade of LGBTQI, feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, body positive and crip organisations; human rights activists; and associations for HIV/STD prevention! Make sure your voice gets heard and help our sparkling collective to show the enormous diversity of our identities, desires, practices, stories, projects and demands.
The ‘Alternatieve Pride Alternative’ wants to repoliticize the LGBTQI discourse used by the Pride and aims at anchoring our struggles in the broader fight against all systems of oppression (sexism, racism, capitalism, etc.).”

Discover the demands at (Dutch version) or (French version).

If you want to co-sign the call please contact the organisers before the 10th of May 2014 at apabelgium at

The signed letter will be handed to “The Pride” on the 17th of May 2014.

“Feel free to bring your different colours, exciting reflections and refreshing ideas and join us as a sympathizer on the 17th !”

Members of the Alternatieve Pride Alternative:
Amnesty International, le Club du 23, Fat Positivity Belgium, Garance, Genres d’à côté, Genres Pluriels, Merhaba, queerpunxbelgium, Université des Femmes.