§ 1. Everyone has the inalienable right to equal respect for fundamental human rights. No government or community of individuals will exclude other individuals from the enjoyment of those rights on the basis of the inalienable personal characteristic of being a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex personality, or on the basis of membership of a particular social group founded on said inalienable characteristics, nor on the basis of gender or genderbased expression.
The association aims to promote and support inalienability of human rights, where those fundamental rights are under threat because of the said inalienable attributes or membership of a social group founded on the common inalienable charachteristics..

§ 2. This objective includes:
– The development of actions and structures to make an impact where a person’s life, safety, integrity or freedom to aforementioned reasons is compromised;
– The development and support of networks and cooperation with foreign human rights activists and organizations working on the aforementioned target groups and themes that affect the aforementioned groups.
Or members of the target group, for this purpose, offering an activity program, including an offer for activists from those countries where homosexuality is criminalized;
– Contribute to a high quality reception and referral of asylum seekers or undocumented migrants from countries or regions where homosexuality is part of the penal code or where homosexuality is criminalized, and those in Belgium seeking protection against protection on the basis of that inalienable attribute and the associated deprivation of fundamental human rights,
– Organize social and cultural activities for intercultural audience with the aforementioned characteristics and their sympathizers;
– Awareness raising, training and guidance to rescue, gay and hospitality organizations around the theme of gay asylum seekers, autonomously or with members of the target group;
– Actors such as governments, communities and NGOs questioning concerning their attitudes and actions on the inalienability of human rights for said target, in this area develop actions or members of the target group for this purpose an activities program offering.

§ 3. The organization aims at the recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family and recognizes that the integrity of human rights is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Racism, sexism and discrimination in the society is not tolerated.
§ 4. The activities the organization to promote its goal will always carefully chosen according to the specific situation and with great attention to the integrity, individuality and privacy of all persons we have worked with and for the objectives and means of action which is chosen by the partners in countries where homosexuality in the criminal code or state where homosexuality is criminalized. If the association in defense of its purpose in general terms speaks about homosexuality she closes the interests of the bisexual, transgender and intersex people never.

§ 5. The actions of the association and its members is controlled by a code of ethics that the Board of Directors within the house rules and writes down for an approval by a simple majority of the General Assembly for approval.

§ 6. WISH vzw all activities that contribute to the achievement of these objectives, including profit-making activities within the limits of what the Belgian law is allowed and the proceeds are intended entirely for the realization of the non-profit purposes. The association may all legal actions which directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of the objectives. The association may establish its importance and be a party to any similar purpose and provide the necessary legal acts set, including civil party racks.