WISH1.0 from solidarity to confrontation with reality


From 2009 the group ran into an existential crisis. Some members wanted to stop the organsiation because the workload was becoming unexpectedly high. This was mainly due to the influx of people from countries where homo- and transexuality are criminalised, looking for personal support rather than for support in their solidarity with the home country.
After a period of six months of inactivity an effort to safe WISH was launched and an NGO structure created in december 2009. The year 2010 was a real succes in terms of transfering responsibilities from the small informal group of volunteers to the large structures within the LGBT federation and other. The effort to revitalise WISH was not a huge succes, while the workload caused by individuals was deliberatly blocked to confront the federation and other structures with their responsabilities, the number of meetings and structural obligations which had few to do with international solidarity increased. The motivation to gather and meet and comply to structural obligations was not bigger, rather smaller, then to go on with the solidarity work. The succes of 2010 was marked by the succesfull introduction of  a large number of LGBT from etnic minorities to the Pink house in Antwerp and the creation of a self-organised dynamic around the participation of asylumseekers in the Brussels pride for everyone.  The individual reception of asylumseekers in Antwerp was compensated by the start-up of Rainbows United monthly meetings in brussels and the participation of WISH and Merhaba in this encounters resulted in a succesfull and crucial empowerming moment called Mamadou Happening, November 23rd, 2010 in Brussels. LGBTIQ people from etno-cultural minorities and LGBTIQ asylumseekers organised a training on sexual orientation and genderdiversity for professionals. The challenges were big, a staff strike in the reception centers for asylumseekers the day before and a train strike the day of the event, could not withhold over 30 LGBTIQ to participate in the succes of the life-space event and the 95 persons attendig the training were amazed and skilled in seeing and valueing the multitude of talents within the overall very vulnerable LGBTIQ community. Interviews with and interviews by members of the community were alternated with music, dance and self expression, as well as the reception and logistics were carried out by the group. Once the training was over, the empowerment of the community generated by this event was celebrated till late at night and people started to believe in self-organisation and to plan for more.
During a two days training the same months and also in collaboration with Merhaba vzw, skills for the reception of the needy asylumseekers and other LGBT-people from ethnic minorities were transfered to volonteers and collaborators from the Pink house and the LGBT-federation.
The idea to start an EU-project later called ASSIST was elaborated by the federation and worked out in close collaboration with WISH. The answer to the huge efforts delivered by a very small bunch of people during 2010 was criticism from the former members of WISH vzw, majority stopped its activities, except  for the silent workers who continued to support silently but vividly, and formalism by the Pinkhouse and çavaria. After a year full of  collaboration and activities inside the Pink House and the federation, after a year of huge masochistic efforts by few,  a letter reclaiming that WISH vzw did not reach the required quota of presence during crucial meetings, made the vulnerable bird WISH leave its nest. A crisis of confidence was born, while the biggest succes was planned for.