WISH1.1 – nurturing black pride and identification with a community


After a succesfull birthday party, organised on private initiative with about 25 LGBT-persons from Africa in and African cultural-pub in Ghent, the Wiri-Wiri, in November 2010, WISH now planned with the same bunch of people for an amazing and eye-opening  LGBT-valentines party for  in February 2011. All ingredients were there to make this party succesfull and the African LGBT started organising themselves and informing about the options to create an own organisation. The murder on David Kato, one of our guests during 2010, on a day while we had a Ugandan guest present in Antwerp, Auf Usaam,  and while we planned for the viewing of the documentary ‘In the name of God’ the next Friday, turned the kick off activities of 2011 into a hectic but succesfull period. A manifestation of LGBT from the diaspora together with representants from Belgium based Human Rights organisations to draw attention for the situation in Uganda, in front of the ministry of foreign affairs, gathered up to 95 people from 15 different organisations and even more different nationalities.first black lgbt manifestation in belgium 2011 The same week the documentary was screened in Brussels and Antwerp and the planned Valentine party was turned into a David Kato Memorial attended by 130 people. By that time WHY ME, an african self-organisation was born and actively collaborated to make the memorial, annex the planned party a succesfull event. WHY ME succeeded to mobilise where WISH couldn’t gain the trust. The memorial was attended by the coördinator of the federation and two memberw of the federal parliament. Themajority of participants were African citizens in exile because of their sexual orientation and gender identities.

The memorial was the last succesfull action of WISH vzw, the organisation collapsed and the bird without nest did not sing the same songs again.
Since the confidence crisis, post and communications has never been collected from the Pink house and the nest remained empty, the full postbox became an obsession for the Pinkhouse and finally the box was discarded. WISH vzw was nothing more then a paper-folded bird, without president, without leadership, without treasurer and disappointing many enthousiast supporters on the Antwerp quay. The  annual report of 2010 reflects the huge effort made during that year, the federation and the Pinkhouse has since then taken up responsibility for LGBTIQ asylumseekers and the support of their self-organisations, though international solidarity remained unorganised.
When late 2013, early 2014 Uganda passed the anti-gay bill and the Nigerian president signed an anti-same-sex law, many people looked in the direction of WISH and expected a new generation to take the lead. After two years of inactivity, WISH2.be raised from the ashes as a phoenix, the writing of this brief history on our actual website is a part of the regeneration process and meant to value the people dedicating their energy to WISH during the past.