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Brussels march against homophobic violence


In anticipation of March 17, the Brussels Pride4every1, 150 people gathered for a march against homophobic violence in memory of Ihsane Jarfi. Even in a country as Belgium where same-sex marriage and adoption are legalised, homophobia persist in society, deadly homophobia. In 2012 Belgium was confronted with two homophobic murders, Jacques Kotnik and Ihsane Jarfi paid it with teir lives. Jacques was murdered in a public parc by hammerblows. Ihsane was tortured, put naked and left for dead in a cornfield. Since these incidents, Belgian penal code recognises ‘homophobia’ as an aggravating element. Outrage! was the movement mobilising people for this moment of protest organised in the framework of The Pride Festival Brussels and they were satisfied with the broad attention and support for their call to fight against homophobic and transphobic violence. The most moving moment was definitely the speech of Hassan Jarfi, the father of Ihsane, who, since the murder of his son, dedicate his life as a pensioned teacher in Islmaic religion, tireless to plead for tolerance.March Ihsan Jarfi